Some of the vertical community artist impressions shown within the DA application

View from the intersection of Stubbins and Anzac.

View across the secure podium level to some of the proposed recreational facilities.
Perspective of the new road that would create separation of the two developments and provide road linkage to the residential area to the west of the project.


Architectural view from the West and south.
Architectural view from the East and North.
Artist impression of the view from the other side of the Gibbons and Anzac traffic light intersection.
Artist impression showing the Xenium café in the foreground at street level and facilities above.
Artist impression of one of the club house faculties on the podium and the proposed many areas underneath at street level which will host workshops, meeting , resident business center, Art rooms, function rooms, day spa etc.
Artist impression of the entry to the Lendlease community off the proposed newly created.

Artist impression of a new way of building internal apartments without long and narrow corridors. Designed to create social spaces like library’s and exhibition spaces or more private relaxation spaces.

Artist impression of the lobby and reception with concierge services available.
View accross the estate.
The proposed masterplan of 2 communities over the 8 hectares of land.
Sky lounges are opposed at each level creating a variety of generous social spaces.
Artist impression of a Xenium living podium level vegi garden and walking paths.
Proposed floor plan of the central meeting place on the podiam level.
Architectural drawing of the podium level social space roof line.
Architectural drawing of the roofline of the Land lease community clubrooms.
Proposed intensive lanscape plan of the podium level.
Architectural drawing of the roofline of the Land lease community clubrooms.
Proposed floorplan of the smaller Land lease community clubrooms.

A selection of the 1, 2 and 3 bed floor plans proposed within the vertical community

Plan showing the Proposed entry and exit of the newly created road, and ground level parking surrounded by community rooms facing onto Anzac Ave, cafe on the corner, and community buss and shared electric vehicle bays.
Architectural drawing of the two main building building above podium level designed in a way to provide natural light, cross flow ventilation to each apartment.
A design comparison showing the benefit of providing 250 apartments with intention design at 6 levels of height with a big set back form Anzac Ave compered to 4 levels of height set closer to Anzac Ave and a less aesthetically pleasing outcome for the community.

A selection of some of the 1, 2, and 3 bed home designs proposed for the Land lease community